In the course of my career, I have endured as a girl and woman within a male domain and have developed into a leader as the captain of the Austrian national team. My experiences with international and intercultural teams have given me invaluable knowledge that goes well beyond the football pitch.

There are a lot of parallels between professional sport and the everyday life. Professional sport also provides each of us with answers for our everyday professional and private lives. My master’s degree in business psychology is also helpful to me. Whether through keynotes, workshops, panels or in consulting: I want to share my experiences, inspire and motivate.

Topic Portfolio

  1. What makes a winning team?
  2. Diversity for high performance
  3. Female power in a male domain
  4. SchnaderBACK - Dealing with setbacks
  5. Leadership: leading to success
  6. Finding purpose – Finding the best version of yourself
  7. Roadmap to success: becoming and remaining successful
  8. 10 Steps for a champion‘s mindset
  9. Change: problem or chance?


What is it about? I give keynote speeches because I want to give impulses, inspiration, encourage people to think and empower people. For me it's about the real thing, about uncensored stories and a lot about the topics of being successful, performing under pressure, dealing with setbacks and crises and diversity in teams. Sometimes all you need is a touch of inspiration!