What is important to me? Topics such as equality, health, equal opportunities and education are very important to me. Children are our future. I want to make a difference.

For me, a good partnership is based on heading in the same direction, trust and reliability. I am proud to have partners that share my values.


Mobility is essential for my everyday professional life. I am proud that I have a reliable, safe and trustworthy partner at my side in Volkswagen. Innovation and sustainable electromobility are important to both of us.


In times like these, tenderness, attention and small gestures are more important than ever. “The little things in life are sometimes the biggest!” This is exactly the message I want to convey together with Milka.


Mental health, diversity and equal opportunities are topics that are very important to me personally. Together with Allianz, I would like to prioritize and bring forward exactly these issues.

Vitamin Well

For me, a healthy lifestyle is an important factor in being successful. As a Brand Ambassador for Vitamin Well, I am provided with high-quality drinks so that I can perform at the highest energy level.


As a coffee lover, for me it's not just about the quality of the coffee, but also about what's behind the products. Lavazza stands for sustainability, innovation and also tradition: values that I also stand for and that are extremely important, especially today.

Raiffeisen Capital Management

For me, prevention plays a central role – both health-wise and financially. I have personally been receiving advice from Raiffeisen Capital Management regarding my retirement planning for several years. Therefore, this cooperation is the perfect fit.

Fit im Job

As a testimonial of “fit im Job”, an initiative of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce that has existed for over 20 years, I would like to draw attention to how important health is in the workplace. Old saying, eternally true: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.