A girl with dreams is fire

“A girl with dreams is fire”- Rebeca Gyumi. Ever imagine a community which is using sports to empower a young girl. That is my community, with a population of 58 million people in Tanzania, of whom 28 million people are under 25 years old. making it one of the youngest populations on Earth empowering youth especially girls is not only necessary but inevitable to achieve a better world for all.

My name is Imani Paul, I am empowering children and youth especially girls through sports with Jambo Bukoba organisation. My agenda is showing the girls by action that it can be done, they can be confident, and they can achieve greater heights through education as equal as a boy. 

Understanding the circumstances which young girls in Tanzania go through as I have gone through it myself such as unequal education treatment to a boy, lots of chores after school, sport being titled as male activity, it brings me great desire to wake up every day close to the goal for all young girls to be empowered and know that they can be whatever they want to be now and in the future.

Thus, we have created a child friendly life skills games which are empowering both girls and boys to achieve confidence, creativity, cooperation and trust. it is a must in all our games for a 50/50 participation for both genders, because it is important to know that as we are empowering girls it is also valuable to involve boys and show them the reason behind it to be on the same page and raise a generation where gender inequality is only tales. 

Through different partners, we tackle more challenges which are hindering girls to achieve their dreams by creating sustainable environment for them to achieve gender equality, better education and better health as an assurance of bettering their lives and that of their community by creating better learning environment in schools. 

We have 937 schools in my community which takes 516,143 children. In collaborations with different partners, we have been able to construct 63 school building projects. The 63 School Building Projects in the years 2008 to 2019 included constructions of classrooms, toilets, water tanks, and menstrual hygiene management rooms for girls. The projects facilitated the enhancement of the learning environment and the education level of both girls and boys. In total 51,699 children learning environment were improved from the school building projects.

Thus, I am inviting you to join us, so that together we can achieve gender equality, better education and better health for one of the youngest populations on earth, together we are stronger.

Thank you,


Imani’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/imanipaul___?igshid=1sftv043pdele

Jambo Bukoba: https://www.jambobukoba.com

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